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Identifying health risks and threats is important to the success of any workplace health program. For those organizations interested in being proactive – preventing the onset of diseases versus just looking for alternative ways of paying for them – a Health Risk Assessment clearly highlights risk targets, giving you guidance for prevention strategies. This is the goal behind the PEHS Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Our approach goes beyond simple assessment and provides companies with an effective tool for key risk identification, multiple levels of wellness programs and results tracked over time.

• The PEHS HRA system is the most comprehensive, cost-effective system available today and is an invaluable tool for companies making decisions about what benefits they offer employees.

• Many of the behaviors that increase the risk of disease, such as smoking, inactivity and poor eating habits, can have a more immediate impact on health, absenteeism and productivity.

• The online behavioral/lifestyle survey looks at major lifestyle risk factors found to have the most significant impact on health. Upon completion, employees receive a customized individual report. PEHS offers several other Programs for employees to choose from to help accomplish their health goals. We recommend getting a full Health and Exercise Prescription tailored to the individual’s needs and current level of fitness.

• Comprehensive reports are generated for management containing all of the information and tools needed to identify key population risks. These reports in turn will help your organization to establish priorities and identify trends that need attention.

• All collected assessment data is safe, secure, private and HIPAA compliant. All users are notified of the privacy and confidentiality policy, and participants are never identified without their prior consent.

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CEO Jaime Hernandez



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