Proactive Employee Health Services

Corporate Wellness

About Proactive Employee Health Services PEHS

Your human capital is an invaluable investment…

Now is the time to act with rising health care cost undermining your company’s profits. Being proactive with your employee’s health PEHS (pays).

What does that mean for your company?

That your company needs to break away from the old paradigm …that is a reactive approach to employee health and health care.

Investing in your employee’s health is a great asset to your company for many reasons.

Why is it so important to be proactive for your employee’s health?

If you wait to be reactive to health care your company will pay a lot more. If your company is proactive it can make a huge difference in your company’s biggest assets its employees. Just think about a workforce that is healthy and more motivated to get the task at hand done better. With a healthy workforce your productivity raises exponentially.

We can tailor a wellness program specific to your workforce population needs. We also have chairs that help to prevent low back pain for your company’s endurance sitting employee. ” An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold”

Our Service = Company Benefits

PEHS is a health service company that helps business positively affect their bottom line. Utilizing the health promotion and disease prevention strategies we provide will increase health in your workforce.

Benefits include:

• Fewer injuries

• Less illness

• Less absenteeism

• Less fatigue

• Lower insurance premiums

• More energy

• Better stress management

• Greater self confidence

• Increase in general productivity

Set up an appointment to get more details.

Phone: 425-954-6161



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